About Us

Hi There!
I'm Tabby and I'm happy to see you!

I am here to help you find what you’re looking for, and to save you money on a wide selection of certified pre-owned devices.

I can provide you with affordable alternative to buying new technology.

Who we are

We are a Saudi-based startup that helps people buy and sell used electronics.

We offer devices

  • We offer devices
  • That are cracks free
  • With assigned appropriate Gradin

Our Mission

Our aim is to help create a sustainable world because we all deserve to live in one.

Our dream is to shape the future of electronics.

We want you to redefine your relationship with used electronics so that we save you money and reduce the impact on our environment.

We create this journey by

Rethinking > Reducing > Repairing > Reusing > Recycling electronics

We give electronics a second life or dispose them safely.

And while doing so we:

What makes us different

  • Our aim is to save you money. Hence, we strive to offer great prices to sellers and buyers
  • Our efficient team will try their best to finalize the sale in the shortest time possible
  • Because quality is our target, we only accept and offer fully functional devices
  • Our dedicated technical team will make sure your personal data is securely and permanently wiped through ADISA certified software

How do you know your device is eligible to be sold through us

We are starting our journey with iPhones:

iPhone 7 or higher generation

Fully functional

Battery health 85% or higher

All parts genuine

No deep scratches or dents

We strive to live sustainably



Most people swap their old phones for a new one every year. Instead of letting it sit in the desk drawer, or worse, throwing it in the trash, we consider using it for some other purpose.



It’s great to have the newest version of your device, but what do you do with the outdated one? This issue has led to a dramatic build-up of e-waste and an upsurge in dangerous battery disposal.



Much of a typical cell phone is plastic and some smaller components. There’s also glass in the screen, as well as various metals in circuits, and battery. We can make use of these components